Production Equipment Library

We are currently seeking funding to purchase equipment for the Production Equipment Library. This library will be made available to our members for a small charge or in exchange for services that benefit the community.

We are also open to exchange equipment for shares in the Community Benefit Society and are looking for ALL kinds of professional production equipment in good condition that will help us build the library up. If you have anything to offer, please let us know:

Currently we are also particularly interested in:

iPhones & iPads

ALL iPhone and iPads from 2016 onwards, and particularly:

  • IPhone 8 Plus Mobile Phones
  • Iphone X Max Mobile Phones
  • Iphone 11 Pro Max Mobile Phones
  • Ipad Air 2 128GB + Tablets
  • Ipad Pro 128GB + Tablets
  • IPad Pro 2020 1TB Tablets


We are also particularly interested in 50mm, 85mm and 130mm EF & PL lenses


ALL kinds of LED production lights

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